Subtle connections between Berne and… Pisa


There are places where new ideas generate new approaches or new perspectives on reality, in others the possibilities of encounters, exchanges and cross fertilization of ideas with heterogeneous people allows the dissemination and contamination of new thoughts originating new approaches. Such places open new paths of thoughts the development of which will be unforeseeable as it will be influenced by a great number of variables and circumstances. Pisa has been an interesting place for such dissemination of ideas where early psychoanalysis in Italy was a source of interest and debate among intellectuals discussing about this new cure for mental disorders. Socio-political events interrupted abruptly these developments more than sixty years ago, however they were fruitful for new developments which evolved far away from there. Such developments, through Weiss, Arieti and many others had an influence also on Berne and on some of the developments of the Transactional Analysis approach as described in this article.